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How to determine the size of the cap

The headpiece is a crown of the entire image. That cap or hat especially catches the eye and creates the overall impression of the person. However, even the most fashionable and elegant cap is not to face, if it is too close or, on the contrary, moves down awkwardly on his nose because of the big size. This is especially true for the fur hats, which are rigidly held form. Therefore, to determine their individual size cap so it is important to be able to correct.

How to determine the size of the cap

Instruction how to determine the size of the cap

Step 1:

Before you figure out your size caps, remember that there are standard sizes of hats: women - from 54 to 61, and for men - 54 to 63. These figures show the size of the head circumference in centimeters.

Step 2:

To find out exactly your size, use tailor measuring tape. Stand before a mirror and head wrap a measuring tape, having its front on the forehead and the back of the protruding part of the occiput. Make sure that not too tight centimeter tensioned, but never slack.

Step 3:

Get full circumference in centimeters, compare it with the standard yardstick. Thus, you will know what size you need to ask when buying a hat. Please note that you need to take the size of which corresponds exactly to your in choosing fur hat or hats. Do not try to pull the headgear force, but do not let it sit too freely.

Step 4:

When determining the amount you do not have at hand a centimeter tape, you can use the usual thick thread. It is important that the thread is not stretched in length, otherwise your measurement will be inaccurate. Take the thread in your hand and attach it to the head in the manner indicated above. Then check the resulting segment and measure his usual line. The figures and will fit your standard size hats. For example, as a result of the measurement you got 57 cm, then your size number 57.

Step 5:

When buying a fur hats or hats, keep in mind that today almost all the dense hats have special elastic tape is pulled in its design. It is called the size of the stabilizer or utyazhnym cord. With such a belt if necessary header size can be adjusted within the range of 2-3 centimeters. For example, if you chose a fur hat is a size 57, but you usually wear 55, you can easily reduce the amount of 2 centimeters.

Step 6:

But do not forget that the slimming belt can only reduce the size of the cap, pull him, but did not increase. Therefore, if you like the model fits too tight on your head, do not expect to wear it can take up to a satisfactory level. It is better to look at the other options, otherwise you risk to spoil the shape of hats and have an extremely unfortunate thing in her wardrobe.