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How to distinguish a diamond from zirconium

Diamond, being the most expensive gemstone in the world, often replaced by fraudsters to cheaper stones. As a replacement for used diamond cubic zirconia, moissanite, synthetic rutik, leucosapphire and zirconium. There are several ways to help distinguish these stones apart.

How to distinguish a diamond from zirconium

Instruction how to distinguish a diamond from zirconium

Step 1:

If you are not afraid to spoil the product, a sure way to distinguish a real diamond from a fake - put it in hydrochloric acid. If a real diamond, the acid does not cause him any harm, but if it is cubic zirconia or zirconium - a stone covered with opaque spots.

Step 2:

This diamond is completely colorless. Fake stones differ from it in the presence of color impurities. Look to the rock if he has a light yellow-green or blue-purple hue, it is without a doubt a forgery.

Step 3:

Rough forgery can be distinguished, dropping a stone into the water. This diamond will sparkle in the water, and artificial will be seen badly.

Step 4:

The hardness of diamond is many times greater than the hardness of other gemstones and synthetic imitations. If the surface of the stone are visible small scratches, in front of you is not exactly brilliant. Also, try to hold the stone knife blade or scratch it with sandpaper - if before you zirconia or other "soft" stone, it will remain the traces.

Step 5:

To distinguish a real diamond can be with a diamond pencil (this is available in every professional jeweler). To do this, gently push the sharp end of a pencil on a stone. If it is a diamond, it is no harm to you is not the cause. Using a diamond pencil, use caution: at strong pressure you can scratch them even diamond. Therefore, carrying out such a test is better to entrust the jeweler.