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How to distinguish a fake Adidas

Adidas logo has always meant quality sportswear. In recent years, the world is simply crazy, stalking us some "adidasbum". Perhaps everyone has in her wardrobe anything from Adidas. Buying clothes of this brand, do not goof and select the original thing and not a fake.

How to distinguish a fake Adidas

Instruction how to distinguish fake adidas

Step 1:

World turned upside down. The whole world is Adidas, sportswear and faster transitions from grade "only sports" a kind of urban style. Increasingly, you can see the girls hoodies and sneakers, walking to the university. sportswear popularity is through the roof. Naturally, such a hyped brand like Adidas, a large number of fakes. So how do you distinguish the fake from the original and does not pay a lot of money for a fake?

Step 2:

Firstly, buy things in exclusive shops or Adidas Sport Adidas Original. In the market there is a huge possibility that you roughly vparyat forgery which go to pieces in a few months, and you will be insulting and unpleasant for wasted money.

Step 3:

Second, by choosing a particular model, be sure to look at the official website, in what colors it is available. Fakes usually inherent in a flight of fancy.

Step 4:

Third, always look at the quality of things. On the original seams straight, edge clothes neatly handled. Forgery are performed using poor quality yarns. As a rule, the stitches are uneven, with a large margin apart. Stitched hastily and carelessly.

Step 5:

Fourth, real adidasovskaya clothes on labels is serialized. A shoe for the right and left in a pair of serial number data never coincide. As for the fakes, it's good, if at least the same serial number will be on the shoes. This is, at best, and at worst - they generally can not be.

Step 6:

Fifth, pay attention to packaging. On her official logo must be displayed, and it must be made of high quality polyethylene.

Step 7:

And, of course, the main thing - the price. Resist the temptation, do not buy the cheap stuff. The price will never be lower than that indicated on the Adidas official website. As you know, avaricious pays twice. Do not overpay.