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How to distinguish the brands

Confidence that a lot of money selling real branded thing anymore. Today, fraudsters are trying to forge a quality clothing under famous names. And sold these "brands" at high prices. To distinguish a quality thing from a cheap forgery, be very careful.

How to distinguish the brands

You will need:

- Information about the necessary things; - the Internet; - Fashion magazines.

Instruction how to distinguish between brands

Step 1:

Pay attention to the appearance of things. The fabrics from which sew famous fashion houses, are of high quality. Also take a look at the lines on the clothing. They should be clear, without "gaps", made with quality threads. And nowhere to peek lumps or strong "zastrochki". Pay attention to the quality of the fittings and finish things.

Step 2:

Rare branded items "shout" about their origin. Yes, for example, Louis Vuitton provides their name bags over their entire surface. But such cases are rare. Explore the Internet features of registration of your chosen brand. Such knowledge will help to distinguish the brand from counterfeiting.

Step 3:

Visit a vintage shop. Pay attention to the labels pasted on clothes. In these outlets there is virtually no fakes, so you can be sure of the originality of things. Also, such shops - good base to learn how to determine the "eye" branded clothing.

Step 4:

Ask to see documentation on the products sold in stores. Boutiques that sell branded these things are required to provide a paper on the first demand of the buyer. If the administrator is insecure, is justified, he says that the store such documents does not, then, things have not been censored and are fake.

Step 5:

Do not be afraid of things made in China. Today, in this country have a factory for making almost all reputable companies duffel. So, and of Dior, and Chanel can be labeled "Made in China".

Step 6:

Try to avoid buying branded items on the internet. In 99% of the time you sell a fake. Yes, the price will be much lower than the market, but the quality of the products would be worthless.

Step 7:

If possible, visit the foreign Outlets. They sell really branded items at quite reasonable prices. Familiarity with this brand clothing will teach you to understand the great brands.