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How to dress a girl 12 years

Adolescence - the time when girls begin to realize the appeal and trying to look older than their age, imitating, often unsuccessfully, clothing senior girlfriends. Many of them, forgetting the sense of measure, try on dresses frank, it is inappropriate to adolescents. Meanwhile, in 12-13 years it is possible to dress nice and trendy look and it is quite natural.

How to dress a girl 12 years

Instruction how to dress a girl 12 years

Step 1:

The easiest way to dress fashionable in this age, which, unfortunately, does not fit all - to buy clothes famous teenage brands (Abercrombie, Zara and others). If the opportunity to purchase branded clothes not be taken into account: the most relevant and practical for teens is considered style casual. Do not hesitate to buy a variety of jeans, T-shirts and hoodies - all these things look very stylish on teenage girls, and as skinny as well as those whose weight is above the norm. With regard to this age casual means not only convenience, but also the opportunity to express their individuality in clothing. So many girls in the 12-13 age like to wear themed T-shirts with portraits of idols or heroes of favorite movies - do not forbid them to express themselves.

Step 2:

Small bags, many teenage girls prefer backpacks or sports bags are roomy. The most popular shoes from them for many years remain short sneakers and "ballerina". However, remember that this style of dress is appropriate is not always.

Step 3:

Clothing for school attendance should look different. Even if your school is not mandatory school uniforms, dress to school should be in business style. Wearing jeans in many schools are not allowed. In this case, buy or sew trousers, better two pairs - thin and warm for winter. Ideal dark, discreet striped fabric. Get some light blouses or turtlenecks, so they can be changed frequently. To add a business suit can be a jacket or several jackets. Not all girls like to wear skirts, but it is better if in the locker room will be at least one. Ballet flat and suited to this style of clothing, but moccasins and sneakers are better left at home. Such clothing is quite possible to be worn outside of school, in special cases - for example, wear it for going to the theater or to an exhibition, a variety of accessories with the help of a turtleneck or a bright color.

Step 4:

Finally, for special occasions girl 12-13 years, it is quite possible to dress the same way as adults dress up: for example, for a wedding or Christmas party sew her evening dress, buy shoes with a small heel. In these cases, even a teenager's face will be appropriate to a small amount of makeup: lip gloss, tone, a drop of rouge. The most important thing to remember - the clothes should be comfortable, preferably made of natural materials and, of course, stylish and fashionable. In this case, a girl of 12-13 years old will wear it with pleasure and feel comfortable in it.