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How to dress a man in the club

To look stylish guy in the nightclub - one of the main tasks. We know that going to a restaurant like this, a man not only wants to dance or enjoy a cocktail at the bar, but also to win the heart of any beauty. In addition, proper clothing is required to pass face control. If you correctly pick up the clothes, you will become the most stylish representative of the stronger sex in a nightclub.

How to dress a man in the club

You will need:

- stylish jeans; - T-shirt or shirt; - club jacket; - Accessories.

Instruction as a man dressed in the club

Step 1:

Excluding some items of clothing, which in a good club you will not miss. These wardrobe items include sports shoes, sneakers, and a whole garment designed for sports. Also, be sure to look neat and clean. On Web sites, many clubs have information on what they claim to visitors so that they face control passed without any problems. If you find information in advance is impossible for some reason, do not despair. And without it, you can quite successfully pick up a dress for even the coolest and trendy night spots.

Step 2:

Note that sporty style can not be excluded completely. If you are a follower of clothes, you do not closed the entrance to nightclubs. You can dress in this style, but you'll have to buy clothes and shoes are not sports brands and fashion lines.

Step 3:

Start by choosing trousers. One of the most win-win option - wear fashionable jeans. If you are planning a vacation often in nightclubs, buy a few pairs of jeans in trendy different shades of the season, to not always look the same. Next, select a beautiful designer T-shirt or a form-fitting shirt that will make your look complete. On top put on a fashionable jacket beautiful color, harmonizing with other wardrobe items.

Step 4:

Use accessories. This can be a scarf, hat or beautiful clock. Choose one that suits your mood and character. Stop the choice on the clothes in which you are most comfortable feel. All the same club - primarily a place to rest. If you put what ever go to a normal life, you all night will not feel at his place, and it is unlikely it will bring you pleasure. Remember that clothes do not make the man, but quite the contrary.