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How to dress for a tour

While on vacation abroad, people visit a museum, see the sights. Improper and calling costume can complicate tourist relations with the local people and the authorities, so find out in advance what attire is preferred for departing from the hotels in the country.

How to dress for a tour

You will need:

- decent clean clothes; - Headwear (in some countries).

Instruction on how to dress tour

Step 1:

Dubai - a very popular resort among Russian tourists, who pay a large sum of money for tours and excursions. But the UAE has strict Muslim laws violate that is highly undesirable. It is forbidden outside the hotel to put on miniskirts and short shorts, in a bathing suit you can swim and sunbathe only in fenced beaches.

Step 2:

Many of the Caribbean islands is prohibited to wear camouflage clothing. You also can not be on the beach topless. If you are going on a tour of the city, put garments in a swimsuit walking undesirable.

Step 3:

Egypt for many Russians became accustomed and familiar, so they behave there a few careless. This Muslim country, so dressing to the trips, choose modest outfits closed.

Step 4:

In Morocco, which has a strict Islamic tradition, women should dress very strictly, so as not to be subject to prosecution. Local resident close hair, tourists can also wear beautiful bright scarf or shawl. Headgear will save you from prying views and from the scorching rays of the sun.

Step 5:

The resorts of Thailand reigning Western standards of dress. But there will not be more than clean and ironed outfit. On the tour is better to wear a shirt, not a T-shirt, a beautiful dress, but not threadbare shorts. Do not wear yellow or red clothing, the color here means belonging to one of the warring political factions.

Step 6:

Turkey combines a secular state with European customs and ancient traditions in remote areas of the country. Habitual in the resort open shirt and shorts change to a closed clothes when visiting the cultural centers, mosques and museums.

Step 7:

If you come to India or Sri Lanka, get the national dress of the country, in it you will feel comfortable and convenient. Residents of many countries in recent years stepped up the fight for the preservation of their culture and customs, so do not call them the wrath of his view of the naked body.

Step 8:

Fiji also remained conservative principles, which do not allow the presence on the streets of women in challenging and provocative outfits. For excursions to local villages is better to buy a sarong.

Step 9:

Traveling around the world and their homeland, should not forget about the rules of decency. Choosing clothes for a particular event, be sure to make sure to it that it was clean, ironed and is incompatible with local customs. Some tours also require special equipment.