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How to dress for New Year's Eve

The beautiful half of humanity spends the whole of December in the search for the best outfit. The age-old question about what to wear, gets an edge, as never before, on the eve of New Year's Eve. Inverted Closet, dozens of fashion magazines and a tidy sum, deferred in case if there is anything unusual in the store. Someone adheres to tradition, choosing outfit, and someone meets a holiday in a sheepskin coat and felt boots. It all depends on your ability, the New Year of the venue and the mood.

How to dress for New Year's Eve

Instruction how to dress in the New Year's Eve

Step 1:

Decide where you will meet New Year's Eve. The options are: at home, at a party, a club in the country. As snow in evening dress was not like a country house for the best outfit will be insulated boots and tracksuit. On the contrary, the club can shine in the most vertiginous models with a deep neckline and open back. Clothing should fit the occasion and the circumstances in which you will be.

Step 2:

Choosing clothes, stick to the general rules. Things should be convenient, comfortable, sit in the size of the size, not to cause you inconvenience. New shoes advisable carry a couple of weeks. And in any case, do not buy clothes a size smaller with the hope that you will lose weight.

Step 3:

Make a costume, if your plans listed carnival night. The Snow Maiden, a princess, a female cat - what you like. The outfits can be purchased ready-made or modify an existing garment. Here it will be useful and tinsel and sequins and tulle. Dressed in unusual costumes, do not forget the matching accessories.

Step 4:

Put a small classic dress, if to be an important dinner with a young man of the family or new acquaintances. This dress can be not only black but also red and white dress. A distinctive feature of these models - simple style and ease of execution. Strict and feminine at the same time, hides the flaws and putting emphasis on the benefits of your dress, make you the standard of beauty in the New Year's Eve.

Step 5:

Unleash your imagination and drain shyness off the leash, if you're going to a nightclub. Leather mini dress in shiny sequins, men's jacket, dressed in the embroidered bustier or tunic predatory colors. It can be everything. The main thing that your companion to remain calm and restrained ardent impulses, because attention to your person will be obvious.

Step 6:

If you are targeting the symbols of the coming year, start preparing festive costume in advance. Look east or the Chinese calendar, to make a sign of the animal will be a holiday. For example, in 2012 listed Year of the Dragon 2013 - Snakes and 2014 - year of the Horse. For each sign astrologers make wishes and preferences regarding colors of clothes, the presence of those or other accessories, even the decor of the room should be decorated to match. After gathering the necessary information, check out your wardrobe, whether you have the necessary things. If yes - bring them in order - if not, go to the shops or in the studio to get an exclusive outfit.

Step 7:

Meeting New Year's Eve in the country - that's no reason to put on an old tracksuit fleece, hat with earflaps and stretched his men sweater. Of course, the window may be minus 20 Celsius, bundle up warmly and want to jump through the fire with friends. However, the holiday is desirable to shine in the literal and figurative sense of the word. Try to find a snow-white hoodie, warm cardigan with deer, stylish woolen leggings and tights. Even the boots for you to decorate, embroidered with crystals and beads. After processing the edge of the fur vests tinsel, you get quite a festive thing. A hat will let hat of Santa Claus or the Snow Maiden.