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How to dress in the cold

In today's rapidly changing world, a person has a hard time. Summer heat waves, autumn slush adversely affect health. But nothing so undermines the human immune system does not like the winter cold. In addition, more or less harmless cold person can threaten frostbite or even myocardial infarction. Therefore, it is important to dress properly.

How to dress in the cold

Instruction how to dress in the cold

Step 1:

Headgear is mandatory! The fact that 90% of heat while cooling the person loses his head. Knit caps should be wool, synthetics do not provide the necessary protection. Fur hats are welcome. Just in case you need to wear a scarf and wide, when needed, cover their head and chin.

Step 2:

Mittens and gloves, too, should not be neglected. Since frostbite affects all exposed areas. Modern fashion you can wear gloves up to the elbows. This is not only very fashionable, but also practical.

Step 3:

The most pressing shoes are boots in cold weather. But even with such a warm footwear must be worn two pairs of socks, preferably wool. It is important to note that the footwear should be worn freely even on thick socks, so that between the foot and the shoe is formed airbag, allowing to keep warm.

Step 4:

Great importance is given the choice of clothing. Fur coats and look luxurious, but to move in such clothes difficult. As is known, the coat is dense not adjacent to the body, which means that if the product is a fur not long enough, the wind will penetrate under clothing. The most convenient option - sports jackets. Thanks to modern technology, even the very warm jacket can be easy. In addition, the jacket - it is fashionable. It is very important that the jacket was the right length. Outerwear, not even covering the lower back, is contraindicated. When choosing a jacket is important to pay attention to the material and practical models. For example, better warm clothes with double sleeves: first layer fits snugly to the wrist, it is usually thinner, and a second, outdoor sitting more freely.

Step 5:

If you're sitting in a cold room, it is very important that you wear a coat. Well suited warm sweater, preferably with a high collar, padded jeans. Wool sweaters unpleasant prick, so the naked body is best to wear cotton T-shirt. So, now you know how to withstand even the most severe frosts. Take care of your health!