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How to dress in the spring

One has only to perelistnut calendar for March 1, and it seems that the sun shines warmer, the air smells of spring, birds sing louder. I want to shake off the heavy coats and tight jackets, go out and feel the freedom of spring days. However, this time of year is very deceptive, so to pick up clothes is careful not to spend the beautiful spring days in bed with a temperature.

How to dress in the spring

Instruction how to dress in the spring

Step 1:

Spring is best to choose a leather jacket or bolonevuyu. During the wind that often blows at this time of year, this jacket you will not be so cold. Yes, and the first rains are you are not afraid. Well, if the jacket is hooded or high collar, it will give you the opportunity to escape from the rain and wind. Also very popular coat can select that option in the spring outwear.

Step 2:

Do not avoid hats. Of course, the spring sun warms very well, but with the onset of the evening the air temperature can drop to a level close to the winter. So try to put on a cap, hat or beret, leaving home.

Step 3:

Be sure to keep the throat warm. To do this, use an accessory like a scarf. In place of winter wool scarves come thin silk scarves and stoles. Spend money on a scarf of silk, it retains heat very well. When you go in the room, remove the scarf and hat, because if you sweat and then go out into the cold, there is a very high risk of catching a cold.

Step 4:

Under the jacket put on a jacket of a natural material, it is better free. Warm air between it and the body will store heat longer than if you wore synthetic blouse. If you do not like a sweater, a good warm jacket will be an excellent alternative.

Step 5:

It is not necessary with the coming of spring, immediately move to a thin nylon tights. Choose something in between warm and very very light pantyhose. It is better if they are cotton or wool blend. In early spring, do not rush to wear skirts or dresses.

Step 6:

As for shoes, here, too, should not rush to change shoes slender spring boots with heels. First, the earth has not warmed in early spring, and standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus in the shoes with thin soles, you run the risk of ill. And secondly, the heels will be very difficult to keep a balance, because in the evenings on the streets of a real ice.

Step 7:

But most importantly, that it is worth considering when choosing your spring wardrobe - it's color. After a long winter, people get tired of the frosty gray everyday life, so treat yourself to a bright multi-colored clothes and accessories. Jacket or a coat of bright color will be very advantageous to allocate you in the crowd and attract attention. A well-chosen for him a scarf and a hat will complete your image and spring-fresh.