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How to dress in the style of hip-hop

One of the most striking examples of the direct relationship of fashion and music is the direction of hip-hop. It has formed a style of music, popular not only among the performers. Fashion hip-hop - a colorful, creative and stylish, for several decades, it is headed by a top youth fashion. If you wish to become a fashionable hiphoperom, then follow some of the unspoken rules of this style.

How to dress in the style of hip-hop

Instruction how to dress in the style of hip-hop

Step 1:

To intrigue the people around you, choose clothes contrast and vivid colors of the sparkling and shimmering materials. Traditional costume hiphopera colors - black, red and green, but today's young people wear clothes and bright neon colors.

Step 2:

Dance Hip Hop convenient in sports shoes, so wear shoes of famous brands. Complement their long bright laces.

Step 3:

Much of the clothing hiphopera - accessories. Complete the outfit with big glasses glasses, solid gold or silver chains and rings. The classic image suggests hairstyles of African Americans: dreadlocks, afrokosichki and tight curls.

Step 4:

As an everyday clothing wear baggy pants, T-shirts with big logos. The distinctive style of the couple, is baseball. Put it on one side, and your image will be complete.

Step 5:

With the advent of the new millennium in hip-hop style, there were elements of military style, the young men began wearing voluminous trousers without pockets and belt, those in which prisoners go. Extremely popular are flannel shirts.

Step 6:

Each of the performers add something of their own in this style. For example, P. P. Diddy introduced to replace the baggy sports clothes elegant white suits, felt hats, leather shoes, fur coats and jewelry made of precious metals.

Step 7:

Another popular image - flat shoes, jeans or khaki shorts and a baseball cap or bandana in the tone of the entire set. Complement the image of sunglasses.

Step 8:

Girls can wear elegant sports clothing sets, decorated with rhinestones and sequins, short skirts and tight jeans, all kinds of tops and shirts. Clothing for women in hip-hop style is democratic enough, it has a lot to do with the calling and sexy R'n'B style. Bright representatives of hip-hop culture Fergie, Alicia Keys and Rihanna - trendsetter in the style of hip-hop.

Step 9:

Purchase clothing in good sports shops, second-hand shops and flea markets, where it is possible to find excellent, and most importantly exclusive things.