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How to dress the blonde

Choice of clothing is often dependent on certain factors unrelated to the way it sits on a figure. For example, some pick up clothes under the color of hair. This is understandable - all in the image should be in harmony with each other. The most difficult to choose clothes blonde - blonde hair cause a stir in men, and the clothes should be such that the woman did not look at her vulgar.

How to dress the blonde

Instruction how to dress the blonde

Step 1:

In fact, hair color is not decisive in the choice of clothes. Be sure to choose the appropriate style clothes first and then size. Clothing for people with any hair color must first sit well in humans.

Step 2:

Note the fabric. Most blondes fit fabric light, airy and feminine. Of these tissues choose organza, chiffon, silk, batiste. Sometimes you can afford to wear synthetics, and sometimes prefer a cotton fabric. It is not necessary to choose clothes made of thick material, it would negate all your femininity and sophistication.

Step 3:

The main importance is given to the colors. We know that it is best suited to blondes pink. So, the best solution for a blonde girl or woman becomes a pink dress in the summer and winter blouse combined with trousers or a skirt.

Step 4:

Wear black. Black goes for everybody, including the blonde black dress will look great - it will emphasize the beneficial hair color and will be a wonderful solution for those who want to hide figure flaws.

Step 5:

If you have no problems with self-esteem and you're not afraid that the clothes will have a complete, be sure to get for your wardrobe some white stuff. They are nice to look at the blonde girls and women, especially if it is summer or spring.

Step 6:

If you are a natural blonde, do not choose colors such as yellow, green, or gray as the primary colors in clothes. It will emphasize fair skin, and you'll look too pale.

Step 7:

If you are fair-skinned lady with gray eyes, choose clothes bluish tones. It will emphasize the color of eyes, hair, and add to your image a little romance. Be sure to think through accessories, they must be of contrasting colors, such as black or red.

Step 8:

If your eyes are green, try to choose clothes darker, especially when it allows the season. Dark clothes will add to your image of mystery, beauty and add a light mist of deceit.