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How to dress the girls complete

Whatever the figure had no girl, she strives to keep up with fashion. Here only it is not always and not everyone can, especially when it comes to full girls. Quite often, owner of magnificent forms, trying to dress fashionable and modern, just overly emphasize problem areas the figure. So how to dress a full girls?

How to dress the girls complete

Instruction how to dress a full girls

Step 1:

Buying clothes, try to pay attention to the decoration. Remember that cross the line a full figure, a longitudinal make it visually slimmer. Be careful when choosing a floral ornament and cells. If you like a cage and do not want to give up on her, picks up slightly elongated or oblique in the longitudinal direction.

Step 2:

Avoid bright colors in clothes, especially white and pink, as they are visually increase the figure. Full of girls are best suited dark colors, but that does not mean you have to dress all in black. Try dark blue, dark green and dark brown clothing, it is not only perfectly hide the fullness, but also allows the girl to look elegant.

Step 3:

The most suitable fabric for full women - matt. It perfectly hides the extra volume in the hips and waist. Avoid iridescent and shiny fabrics, plenty of glitter, as they only attract the attention of others to the "problem" areas.

Step 4:

Be sure to comply with all the proportions. Remember that you will look harmoniously with large ornaments, hair volume. Choosing a printed fabric for a blouse or suit, prefer drawing medium or large size. Small ornaments and peas are listed in the "black list", on the background of your figure will seem immense. The same applies to the small details of clothes and small ornaments.

Step 5:

In the spring and summer wear dress of simple tissues (eg, chintz or satin), and, of course, made of silk. In autumn and winter dress in costumes made of wool.

Step 6:

Choosing a silhouette for the dress, stop your choice on semiadherent. Not only does it mark the beautiful curves of your figure, but also to emphasize everything that you can proud of.

Step 7:

When choosing a suit, remember that it should be entirely the same color as different colored jacket and skirt (pants) attract too much attention to the hips. The length of the jacket should ideally be below the hips or slightly below the waist line. Do not choose a jacket with pockets and flaps located on the hips, as they are visually increase their volume.

Step 8:

In no case do not give up trousers, but they should not be tight, too loose, or an elastic band. Shorter and narrower trousers and put aside, they too emit massive torso.

Step 9:

When choosing the length of skirts and dresses, immediately discard the mini version. Ideal you maxi, but acceptable, and the length to the middle of the knee.

Step 10:

Blouses necessarily wear trousers. If you want to fill it in a skirt or trousers, remember that it should not be contrasted with them in color, otherwise, your bust will appear square.

Step 11:

Best cutout for full girls - V-shaped, but fit well and English collar. It looks good and round neckline at the throat, complete with scarf, long chain or beads.

Step 12:

Do not forget about accessories. Wear long large decoration on the neck. It can be anything that forms a vertical line (single and multi-layered chains and necklaces, long scarves, etc.).