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How to dress with small breasts

Among the beauties of the podium and the famous top models it is very rare to see young ladies with a third breast size, but their modest amounts of designer clothing sits perfectly. And many a film star - from Audrey Hepburn to Keira Knightley - could become a real sex symbol, despite the lack of outstanding merits in the neck area. The main thing - it competently accents and present yourself properly.

How to dress with small breasts

Instruction how to dress with small breasts

Step 1:

The first thing you should pay attention to women with modest forms - this is the right underwear. Instead seamless T-shirts and weightless lace designs, you should arm bras, balconette cups with dense and delicate bones, helping to create a beautiful shape and the bras, bra with silicone inserts. This underwear with the effect of push-up, not only significantly lift the your breasts, but also visually increase its full-size.

Step 2:

Pick blouses and tops with V-neck. It is this form of the cut will draw attention to your breasts without making emphasis on its small size. A good addition to the stuff with a V-neck is a long string of fine beads - it will create an additional emphasis on the chest. In addition, small breasts can help emphasize the dresses in the Empire style. This magical visual style will make your breasts more upbeat and lush due to the overestimated waist, emphasizing the difference between the volume of the breast and under the breast volume. To enhance this effect, can be placed under the breast bright accent in a contrasting color belt.

Step 3:

Women with small breasts and perfect things with decorated top. Ruffles, flounces, frills, breast pockets and draperies - all this will create additional volume in the breast area, but it will not look vulgar. Especially successful is to look voluminous collar clamp. Also, you will approach things with a large picture on the front and wear bright colors, but the plain dark fabrics should be avoided.

Step 4:

An interesting solution for women with small breasts will be the selection of a men's or boys' styles and the creation of an androgynous image. For example, as an office version you perfect worn over a shirt vest combined with straight or slacks. However, office clothes can not only disguise, but also beneficial to emphasize your shape. Wearing a business suit with a narrow skirt and short fitted jacket, you favorably emphasize the chest area.