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How to dress women low

Tall women tend to face any outfit. The fashion shows of famous designers are the slender, long-legged beauties. And what about those whose growth is far from "model" ideal? After all, low, too, I want to look fashionable and beautiful.

How to dress women low

Instruction how to dress women low

Step 1:

Firstly, do not despair. Know that near the petite man of any growth feels big and strong, and it means that you are not particularly limited in the choice of a partner or mate. The main thing is try to choose for themselves such clothes and accessories that will help visually lengthen the silhouette and make it slimmer.

Step 2:

Choose fitting dress with a high waistline. Stressing the waist, a style both visually lengthens the legs and slim hips. The skirt desirable sections: on the sides or behind. As with any vertical line, they are slim and stretched silhouette. By the way, do not forget about the figure: narrow strips, wavy lines, arranged vertically (not vice versa!). Remember, wide skirts or dresses up to mid-calf or below is not for you. Your version - up to mid-knee or above (within reasonable limits).

Step 3:

Accustomed to wear pants - choose a narrow, tight fitting model. If you like a more loose clothing, keep in mind that loose pants must be long "on the floor", taking into account the height of the heel. A heel with these pants - certainly high. Capri pants (length 7/8) even pruned long legs and so you are contraindicated.

Step 4:

Buy T-shirts, blouses, dresses with V-neck, stand-up collar. Lush frill, volume, "spreading" collars try to avoid.

Step 5:

Do not wear shoes with very high heels or thin solid platform. It only emphasizes your short stature. Shoes without spikes also quite unsuitable. Ideal - platform or heel height of 7-9 cm, or slightly higher.

Step 6:

Emphasize the vertical help long beads, but avoid large, bulky accessories (necklaces, bracelets), and large bags. Although fashion trends, they do not go to the little woman. If you are happy owner of a slim figure, visually increase the growth will help the belt-chain or a belt on the hips.

Step 7:

Keep in mind a few nuances: - details of clothing, facing upward, visually make the figure above, and vice versa; - Transverse (horizontal) wide lines visually make the figure wider and lower; - Dark shades of clothes make the silhouette slimmer and higher light - full, making it less; - Matte fabric, as opposed to the shiny, slim and lengthen the silhouette.

Step 8:

If the short stature is not only your little disadvantage, try to take into account the other, using a harmonious combination of wardrobe items.