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How to fasten stockings

You have decided to make a surprise favorite man or bought stockings to wear to a party or work in warm weather? It remains to fasten them properly so they do not unbutton from time to time, and you have been in them comfortably.

How to fasten stockings

Instruction how to fasten stockings

Step 1:

Immediately denote that there are silicone stockings and ordinary. Silicone hose with a thick stripe on top, through which the stocking attached to the leg by itself, is usually not necessary to fasten. But conventional stockings without a belt for stockings - anywhere. So, first choose a suitable belt for stockings. It can be made of different types of tissue: to be leather, lace, vinyl, made of mesh. Garters will be 4 or more - it depends on the purposes for which you have purchased the stockings with a belt. If in your plans - the stockings used in intimate games, it is sufficient to 4 garters. For everyday wear better that they were 6 or 8. Belt with concealed fasteners is required if you want to wear a tight dress or skirt with stockings. You can pick up a belt with metal clips, instead of plastic. Metal clips are more expensive, but are much longer.

Step 2:

Wear a belt for stockings in it you should feel comfortable, it should not hamper the movements.

Step 3:

Then put on socks you want to wear with a belt, they will be placed on top of a special welt - wide strip of dense stocking fabric, on which you will attach the belt. Remarkably, if you will, silk stockings. They are more expensive than usual, but look even more extravagant and worn longer.

Step 4:

Next, attach the clasp to each welt so that the garter belt is not twisted. To do this, pull round buckle up, so she unbuckled.

Step 5:

Push it under the stocking, then pull it down, pressing the top of the welt to a small area of ​​the stocking got to buckle. As a result, should form a strong bond.

Step 6:

Adjust the length of the garters so that you will be comfortable to sit. To do this, you can put your foot on a chair, bending the knee at an angle of 90 degrees, after adjust, try to sit down. Do not forget that the panties have to approach stocking belt color or design.