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How to find your style

Style determined by a combination of human characteristics - especially the hairstyles, makeup, clothes, manner of speaking, speech, behavior, etc. The created image should be harmonious and complete, fit the worldview and spiritual state.

How to find your style

Instruction how to find your style

Step 1:

Define "own" color. Prepare a few pieces of clothing of various shades - suit and shawls, scarves, gloves, if only it was a lot of colors. Stand before a mirror and apply to the face fabric. By experimenting, you will be able to visually identify which colors suit you and what do you unprepossessing. Do not give up at once from the "failures" of colors - a palette of primary color are generally diverse, and it is possible to choose another, more appropriate shade.

Step 2:

Assess your figure and learn how to dress according to their forms. Your figure belongs to one of the main types of complexion, so you need to learn how to present it profitable. Learn the basic rules that help to hide flaws and match clothing in accordance with these principles. Striped fabric can lengthen and "to land" shape (it all depends on the number of bands, if they are many - the forms look bulkier), large cell makes you larger, black slim. Reduce large breasts can be using longitudinal recesses and dark shades, low growth corrected high heels and broad hips - drapes, smell, etc.

Step 3:

Role in creating the image of accessories is great - they attract attention and highlight the style. If you want to emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes, so pay attention to the earrings, graceful wrist highlight beautiful bracelets. Bulk bags and shoes solid balance a full figure. The thinner silhouette, the graceful must have accessories.

Step 4:

Form your image. It's hard to fit a certain style, usually have to be combined in a way few directions. Decide what you like best - wearing feminine and romantic things, and be bright and athletic girl, for example. Examples of different images, listen to yourself - you intuitively understand which of them are you more comfortable with, and what you absolutely do not accept.

Step 5:

Decide on hair and makeup. Tint Hair must match tsvetotipu, hairstyle need to emphasize the facial features and the selected style of dress, make-up should be applied according to the circumstances. Emphasize its natural uniqueness and your style is unique.