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How to fix the soles

Shoe Repair - it is responsible and serious business. That is why many people prefer it to instruct professional cobbler. But there are cases when it is necessary to repair the shoes themselves. And how can you mend a sole?

How to fix the soles

Instruction how to fix the soles

Step 1:

First of all, prepare for the firmware sole thread. To do this, take the most ordinary thread and just treat it with tar or wax. Due to this thread will not be water-repellent and mechanical effects on the individual fibers are untwisted. Then take the shoes. Now back away from the edge of a grant of not less than 5 mm and a circle, draw a pencil line of firmware.

Step 2:

Take an awl, at the end of which has a hook. As they pierce the sole target line. Make small stitches at intervals of not more than 10 mm. Every stitch, try to drag away as much as possible to thread in any case did not give slack and certainly did not form loops. Stitches must be done so that the outside thread is not visible. In addition, at the bottom of the seam line is recommended to make a small depression. But do not mess up the shoes, performing such a channel. It is better to work out first.

Step 3:

There is another option repair soles. However, it will require you to the skills of working with glue. Gently smooth out the sole of coarse sandpaper or rasp. Take two kinds of glue: rubber and glue mark "88". Now they must be mixed in a ratio to each other of 4: 1. Apply a thin layer of the mixture on the outsole and the sole of a boot with an old toothbrush. Try to spend the whole procedure so that the glue does not give clots. Give applying glue to 5 minutes so that it dried up.

Step 4:

Preparation of the composition re-treat with a leather sole. Once again for a few minutes dry the adhesive, and then connect with force firmly bonding surfaces. For the whole day, leave shoes repaired under load. Then the side of the candle to trim with a sharp knife. That's the whole repair. Your shoes will be updated for a long time serve you.