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How to fluff the fur

Fur coat to serve you more than one season, it is followed properly looked after. Fur - expensive material and capricious, it is necessary to know the basic principles of storage, and then he will be long warm, fluffy and shiny.

How to fluff the fur

Instruction how to fluff the fur

Step 1:

If you come under the wet snow or rain, came home thoroughly dry your coat. But in any case, do not do it on the battery, by the fireplace or stove. High temperatures are harmful to the fur, it starts to come out, membrane dries and gathers in folds. Shake fur and hang on the broad shoulders, fur dry at room temperature, shaking occasionally.

Step 2:

If the fur is soaked through, better take him to a special fur ateliers, which are able to solve similar problems.

Step 3:

Do not wear a bag on his shoulder - it will damage the skin, it will wipe, lie down, will not be fluffy. Formed ugly bare patches, which can be corrected only restoration.

Step 4:

Mech does not benefit if you sit long in one position, to go to close transport. From permanent creases formed creases, so even if you have to sit long in a fur product, it must be periodically removed.

Step 5:

Keep the fur in a spacious wardrobe or wardrobe. Fur coat fur should hang freely enough, well ventilated. If you could barely squeeze it in the closet, it is better to look for another place.

Step 6:

Do not store your fur coat folded. It should hang on broad strong shoulders and in a case, which should not be plastic. Use copies of the fabric. They do not produce high temperature, does not prevent the circulation of air, the fur does not overheat, longer keeping their valuable qualities.

Step 7:

During the summer several times ventilate away the fur on the sun. Better blown into the room. If possible, give her a fur coat saving storage in a special fur refrigerator.

Step 8:

If you wear fur constantly, at least once a year to give it to a special studio where clean it if necessary. Small dirt can clean yourself, soaked in vinegar and glycerin clean rag.

Step 9:

To retain its fluffy fur, it is necessary sometimes to comb rare groove. Comb in the direction of hair growth, if they are tangled, gently flatten. After combing shake the coat and leave on hangers.