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How to fold men's shirts

Immaculately ironed shirts - a sign of a successful businessman, banker and future office worker applying for a promotion. To be able to have ironed shirt and hostess, and the men themselves. However, the ideal to iron a shirt is not enough - it must be correctly folded so that it retains its form for a long time.

How to fold men's shirts

You will need:

- iron; - Hangers; - Cardboard; - Soft wrapping paper.

Instruction how to fold men's shirts

Step 1:

Carefully otgladte shirt. Start with the collar and cuffs, and then treat the sleeves, shelves, and finally back. Ironed shirt, hang it on a hanger - it must cool down, otherwise the tissue immediately pomnetsya.

Step 2:

After about half an hour you can start packing. If you pet several shirts, initially treat them all the iron, and only then proceed to curl. So the work will go faster. Prepare to be that need training and may have pereglazhivat first shirt. However, very soon you will learn how to fold shirts better than professionals working in laundries.

Step 3:

Fasten the buttons on the shirt and place it on a flat surface (eg table) back up. Carefully smooth the cloth to her there was no folds and creases. Gently fold one half of the shirt, the head of the sleeve back. Fold along the shoulder line.

Step 4:

Institutions on the back fold sleeve at the shoulder seam and lay along the length, parallel to the lateral fold. So did the second half of the shirt and left sleeve. Spread formed folds. You should have a smooth elongated rectangle. Keep track of parallel lines - folded shirt should not be skewed.

Step 5:

Tuck the bottom part of the folded shirt and place it on the back. The resulting rectangle in half fold. Turn the shirt and place it in the closet bar up. Follow-shirts can be placed on top of the first, forming a flat stack.

Step 6:

Some experts recommend to put inside the folded carton shirt - the same kind used in industrial packaging shirts. If branded packaging is not available, cut a rectangle of the desired size of the cardboard. Lay it on the back of the shirt before you start packing. Nested inside the carton helps keep better shape and shift the folded shirt without risk mash them.

Step 7:

Especially valuable shirt after folding can be neatly wrap a thin soft paper. As such, they are more comfortable packaging before packing into a suitcase. shirts Wrapped paper better retain their shape on a trip and do not get dirty.