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How to increase the size of clothes

My favorite blouse sat down after washing? Or somehow it became difficult buttoned zipper on the skirt? Reasons can look, but for now the best you can eliminate these small troubles. Increase the size of clothes and very easy at home.

How to increase the size of clothes

You will need:

- sewing machine; - Ripper; - Iron; - Threads, needles and other sewing supplies; - A product requiring rework.

Instruction how to increase the size of clothes

Step 1:

Firstly, the importance of the appearance of the product, which you have to redo, and its degree of wear. Turn it inside out and inspect the condition of allowances. Compare the color on the front side of the article. If the color is significantly different, then place the product on the side seams will not work. Another backwater side seam of the product in an inconspicuous place, such as on the hem. Some fabrics are very sensitive to the sewing needles, which leave traces of them from the holes. This product is also, unfortunately, can not be increased in size. Also note the size of the lateral allowances. If you can arrange them by reducing allowances to about 7-8 mm (depends on the type of fabric, sometimes permissible and 5 mm), then increase the size of clothes should not be difficult. When the state and the amount of side seams products satisfy the conditions described above, feel free to proceed to its alteration.

Step 2:

First, consider how to increase the size of the skirt. The skirt with a set-belt Inspect the condition of the belt. If it is sewn with a zipper on the lap button, you can easily determine how far you can alter the button closer to the edge of the belt. Remove the measurements of waist and hips. Measure the volume of the skirt. The difference in the volume divided by 4. This value you have to lay a new seam down the machining allowance of the old. If the skirt remain acceptable size seam allowances, you can start ripping them. Take advantage of this special ripper, it is very easy to use and will help you to protect the fabric from tearing. Now you need to iron the seams using iron with steam generator, so no traces of the old joints. Put a skirt on the old seams and lay the chalk position new joints with the increasing size. For convenience, baste them straight wide stitches and then sew on the machine. Again razutyuzhte side seams. Darts on the skirt better leave unchanged. With belt argue a button or hooks her helpers on the longitudinal seam forming the overlap. Now baste the skirt considering arranged side seams. When primetyvanii skirt should be slightly priposadit. Now times are stitched to the skirt. In the same way it is possible to increase the size of the trousers.

Step 3:

On the blouse or jumper with side darts you can reduce the solution of these darts, beginning to scribble on top of darts, gradually reducing its size in the waist and hips. Likewise, increasing the size of the product with the seams on the shelves. Darts on the chest to correct undesirable. If you want to place a blouse and in the side seams, then you have to increase the size of the armhole by the side of a sleeve seam. All seams after ripping should be carefully ironed and only then proceed to the assembly of products for new seams.