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How to make a suit of Santa Claus

If New Year's Eve you decide to dress up as Santa Claus, then you definitely need to dress this personage. Of course, you can buy it in the store, but you can do it yourself, the more that it is absolutely simple.

How to make a suit of Santa Claus

You will need:

coat, belt, hat, boots, stick and bag, also need a wig, beard and mustache.

Instruction how to make a suit of Santa Claus

Step 1:

Coat make of plain velvet or velor dressing gown (the color should be red or blue). Sew the collar to the robe, the sleeves make the rim of faux fur (or wool are also suitable sintepon). To figure look more thoroughly, put a robe surround vest.

Step 2:

As belts use a thick coiled cord to it to attach the ends of the brush of red or white (all can be bought in the store tissues).

Step 3:

Staff made of plain wooden handle of a shovel or mop. Obkleyte entire staff foil, wrap the braid brilliant, the staff can also decorate with rhinestones blue. From cardboard cut out a star and fasten it to the top of the staff.

Step 4:

To make the costume elegance on a fur coat and hat sew beads, lace snowflakes and silver braid.

Step 5:

So what kind of Santa Claus without the bag! Typically, the bags are made of red cloth. Take a rectangular piece of cloth, prostrochite its sides and top edge, leaving the indentation of 2 cm, and on top, insert the braid or cord.

Step 6:

Hair, beard and mustache fabricate from curly faux fur. As the wig using a strip of fur so that it covered the length of the head from temple to temple. Attach the strip on the back cap. Beard and mustache is made from a rectangular piece of fur width from ear to ear, long, reaching to the chest. Corners rounded bottom do not forget about the hole for the mouth. To the upper corners sew rubber band, which will be tightly encircle the head. Of course, these accessories are highly similar to natural beard, mustache and hair, as long as all this equipment has not fallen off during the holiday.

Step 7:

If you dress up Santa Claus, by all means, use makeup. Narumyante cheeks, nose, make a red, his eyebrows slightly Nabeul. To make-up does not drip or preprinted paper, be sure to powder the already made-up face.