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How to make shoes

General principles and methods for the manufacture of footwear are always the same. These differences are small nuances depending on the applied pattern. The most difficult and responsible stage - fit the pattern for the desired size. In this regard, it is best to use the ready-made patterns.

How to make shoes

You will need:

Pliers and stationery knife, two strong needles (ear should be large) and an awl (diameter should be sufficient for needles). Also, sharp scissors, a pen for marking, tap, iron for waxing and lining to pierce with an awl. Material for a future pick their own shoes. Also need thick nylon and linen thread, wax.

Instruction how to make shoes

Step 1:

Pattern attach to the material on the back side and circle it. Turn the pattern upside down and repeat their actions. This is necessary in order to obtain the cutting of both right and left shoe.

Step 2:

Using stationery knife and scissors cut the workpiece. At a distance of 5 mm from the edge of the sole mark band. Stationary knife make a shallow incision on it.

Step 3:

On the reverse side of the sole in the place where it was cut by a groove, tap mark the space under the stitching. In addition, the same tap mark visible seams. Pierce holes with an awl. To avoid getting wet next shoe vamp soak wax.

Step 4:

Proceed to the sole with vamp stitching. Use a nylon or carefully provoschennuyu linen thread. Attach the vamp to the sole so that they do not touch their noses. Mark the place where the shortest side of the ankle. It was with her and begin stitching.

Step 5:

Use a two-needle stitch. Stitches is pulled together as tightly as possible. Once you have finished sewn soles, sew a visible seam. Take the linen thread and sew a seam in the same skin. Hide the knot yarn, and your shoes are almost ready.