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How to paint leather boots

Change in color of leather boots necessary if they were worn during the operation or result in damage to the material. Achieve deep tones in the home will not succeed, but change color and even out skin color is quite real.

How to paint leather boots

You will need:

- spray paint for shoes; - Powdered dye; - Alcohol; - Acetone; - Vinegar; - Castor oil.

Instruction how to paint leather boots

Step 1:

Clean the boots of various contaminants - wash off the dirt, remove dust, dry skin, wipe boots with a soft chamois cloth.

Step 2:

Select the method of staining. The easiest way to buy a special spray that will change color a few shades. Pick up the tone, as close as possible to the original color of your boots - these dyes can not radically change the color, they only refresh the one in which the skin was painted originally.

Step 3:

Give the boots in the shoe repair shop. Most likely, the same tools will be used there, as in self-dyeing (persistent cream and sprays), and will have to pay and service.

Step 4:

Try to paint the boots powder dyes. But shade might turn out weak, and can remain divorces, as diluted formulations are designed more for leather garments and assume full immersion in staining solution, followed by aging in a few hours.

Step 5:

Dissolve aniline dye in the water (color will be less intense, but the skin will be soft), alcohol or acetone (bright shade, but will make a solid material). The composition should be concentrated. Moisten a small piece of foam in the paint and process of the boot, preferably on the inside, where the lightning passes.

Step 6:

Wait until the composition is dry and evaluate the quality of staining. If you want to make part of the thick or, alternatively, dilute it. Painted and dried boots treat with a weak solution of vinegar, then brush with castor oil and rub terry cloth, then apply shoe polish (colored or transparent).

Step 7:

Prepare a saturated vegetable composition - a decoction of oak bark, walnut shells, henna and Basma. Prepare the skin and wait for drying the ink layer, then cover the boots a small amount of butter and a layer of shoe cream.

Step 8:

Stained colored boots chemical compounds - stamp paint, paste from ballpoint pens, potassium permanganate, iodine, brilliant green, fukortsinom, chemicals for developing film, etc.