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How to paint the skin

If the leather jacket has lost the form, do not worry. Today it is possible to restore old things made of leather and suede with paint, returning them to the original appearance.

How to paint the skin

Instruction how to dye the skin

Step 1:

For many of us the skin - a favorite material because it protects against wind and cold at the same time it allows the body to breathe. Leather jackets for many years did not go out of fashion and suitable for almost any outfit.

Step 2:

Everyone who has a favorite jacket of leather, knows how hard it is to replace it. If your favorite little thing Easterly, return it to the previous form will help a special paint for the skin. On sale you can easily find specific nitropaint desired colors. Before dye item, add a few drops of the prepared mixture of castor oil (2 drops per 100 g). This will make the paint more resistant, and it will not crack on bending. Apply nitro best with a brush.

Step 3:

You can purchase nitro bottled. They are more convenient to use as spray paint falls on the item evenly. When painting the skin spray is best to keep it at a distance of 20 cm from the surface. After the first coat wait for 15 minutes and apply another layer. Finally the leather thing dries within an hour. Then streaks of paint, if they are, you can clean with solvent. Defects of painting quite simply mask the appropriate color shoe polish or wax polishes furniture.

Step 4:

The paint for the skin, you can do it yourself on the basis of different colored ink or aniline dyes for wool. In this case, you need to mix it with gelatin - this will give the skin a shiny surface. Often the color of leather products used paint made on the basis of pastes for ballpoint pens.

Step 5:

If the old paint on the skin is cracked, remove it with a fine-grained sandpaper. Old nitropokrytie can be removed with a solvent nitropaint or acetone. However, remember that in this case, not only dissolves the paint, but also fat, so the skin should be prozhirovat before subsequent painting.