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How to pass in a fur coat store

It's always annoying when buying a new beautiful things, especially such an expensive and large, like a fur coat, wrapped a disappointment if you notice any serious defect. How to restore justice and return the poor quality product in a store?

How to pass in a fur coat store

Instruction how to pass in a fur coat store

Step 1:

If the coat has no deficiencies in its quality, but for some reason does not suit you, you have the right to exchange it. Contact the store where you bought the goods, and if the coat is in perfect condition, save the presentation and brand labels, then you are obliged to exchange it for a more suitable size or a style without any additional cost. Do not forget to bring your guarantee, if the coat was for guarantees and cash receipt.

Step 2:

If a suitable product to you in the store there, demand money back. You have every right under the law of Russia "On Protection of Consumer Rights."

Step 3:

If you find defects on the coat, please contact the store to cash a check and make out a claim. This should be done no later than two weeks from the date of purchase. You are likely to be offered to exchange the goods similar in style and size.

Step 4:

Note that if you have bought goods on sale or at a discount, to bring a claim is likely to be useless. So watch out for suspiciously cheap quality goods.

Step 5:

If other models of fur coats, which are offered to you, you do not fit, and the coat is under warranty, ask for repair of the product by store.

Step 6:

If the seller refuses to repair, replace defective goods or return the money, ask for the examination. The expert will assess the extent of damage and confirm the validity of your claims. The examination must be carried out precisely due to the seller, but if you denied it, you can spend it at their own expense. In the case of the expert decision in your favor, you have the right to file through the store.

Step 7:

If the seller does not accept the conclusion of the examination, contact the court. Make a statement, enclosing the expert opinion. Perhaps the court serves to hold control expertise, and your requirements are met.