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How to peel a cap Pestsovaya

Natural white fur particularly strongly exposed to contamination. The question is how to clean Pestsovaya hat, become especially important on the eve of the new winter season. How to clean with natural light fur stains without damaging the product and without damaging the color?

How to peel a cap Pestsovaya

Instruction how to clean Pestsovaya cap

Step 1:

Take semolina or potato flour. Properly Pestsovaya pour the cap and wipe off as if you are washing a thing. Rub gently, do not use great physical strength. This will just mess up the product made of natural fur. After cleaning the rump shake off and clean it from the cap with a soft sponge, lightly. Semolina well collects dirt and dust, dry and not spoil the color of your cap.

Step 2:

Use potato flour in mixture with gasoline. Make of them are not too thick slurry and gently rub against fur growth and remove for growth. Shake the mixture for better cleaning caps beat out of her, but gently.

Step 3:

To cap looked clean and fur gleamed, take peeled walnuts and grind to a powder. This powder is put in cheesecloth, folded in half and give a convenient form of the tampon. The resulting swab, wipe the fur on the growth of hair.

Step 4:

Take a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and pour it into a glass of warm water. A single teaspoon of peroxide. Add to it a few drops of ammonia solution and apply to the skin for hair growth. After that, take out the hat in the sun for several hours. But do not forget to remove the time. Leave a hat for a long time - fur yellow.

Step 5:

Take equal amounts of vinegar, alcohol, and water. Mix and apply on the skin with a sponge or soft brush.

Step 6:

Buy dry sawdust or bran. Fill them your hat and rub hands until until you get the desired effect. Then shake the dust and clean the cap to be sure the home vacuum cleaner.

Step 7:

Oat flakes grind in a coffee grinder. The resulting heat the flour in a pan. Warm flour pour cap and the further procedure is the same as in the case of sawdust.

Step 8:

The solution of ammonia salt, remove your hats greasy dirt. To do this, soak a tampon in the solution, and if fresh dirt, apply on hair growth. If the stain has a long, fur brush against growth.