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How to quickly and economically to update your wardrobe for the summer

To warm summer days are not overshadowed by the lack of suitable clothing, update your wardrobe. Well, consider what things should be in your closet, so that they could go to work, and to the party.

How to quickly and economically to update your wardrobe for the summer

Instruction how to quickly and efficiently update your wardrobe for the summer

Step 1:

Spend a rigorous audit in my closet. Examine and try on all the summer things and decide what you will be wearing this season, and with what clothes you do not mind to leave. Next, from the selected wardrobe items, make a few sets. You will immediately see what type of clothes you are missing.

Step 2:

Do not rush immediately to get rid of less successful clothing from the second stack. It is possible that some of it can be slightly alter - take in, shortened - and wear with pleasure for another season. Tailoring services that can perform simple operations, will cost you much cheaper than buying new clothes.

Step 3:

Update your wardrobe for free, exchanging bored with summer clothes with a close friend or sister, which is the same size as you.

Step 4:

Keep in mind that the summer season in your closet must be a certain minimum. It includes linen or cotton pants, skirt classic, blue jeans, a simple cut, plain blouse, shirt or top, jacket or warm cardigan for cooler evenings, light sandals and dress shoes. On cold, rainy days, you may need a raincoat.

Step 5:

Make a list of necessary purchases. For example, if you have a lot of summer blouses and shirts, which have nothing to wear, enter in his trousers, skirt and jeans. Do not include dresses and sundresses. With them, you will get less combinations for large financial costs.

Step 6:

Think of any stores or shopping centers in your city, you can buy these items wardrobe. If you are good at sewing, buy summer fabrics and independently create its collection. So you will save much and get the clothes, just right for your body shape and colors.

Step 7:

Take advantage of special offers and discounts that provide shops. So you can get high-quality, fashionable things for the benefit of the budget.