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How to reduce the size of the cap

It happens that some items of clothing after washing the wrong kind of loose and stretched considerably. And some things, especially woolen caps, may spread to the oversized socks after a certain time. How to return the original appearance of the cap?

How to reduce the size of the cap

You will need:

-a cap; -taz; -water; -washing powder;

Instruction how to reduce the size of the cap

Step 1:

Determine tied or sewn your favorite hat from which it is material. Stretched not only to products made of wool, and synthetic clothing, and knitted caps with the addition of a certain percentage of wool. Look immediately after purchase things on the label - there must be a specified structure, and icons indicating features laundry. Drawing attention to this information, you will be warned stretching hats.

Step 2:

If your cap is made of wool or any other natural material, try to soak it in very hot water. Pour water into a bowl, dip to the product and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Washing powder in a bowl Do not add. If you have a special agent for washing woolen clothes, you can pour a little of the liquid.

Step 3:

After soaking wash a little cap with his hands. Do this very carefully, do not rub or wring woolen thing. Extends the product, change the water in the basin. Now pour to very cold water. Cap should lie in the cold for another 20 minutes. In hot water wool quickly sit down, and the cold is "fixing" process. But it is important to remember that in the washing machine of wool things in order to reduce their size can not be put flatly. After such washing, they can sit down unevenly, besides significantly deteriorate the quality of the wool.

Step 4:

Remove the cap from the basin, wait until the water has drained a bit. Please note that this product is made of wool can neither pressing nor, a fortiori, to twist. When the cap has become a little easier, spread a towel on a flat surface, previously tucked down the oilcloth. Spread thing, to give it the most correct form. Leave the cap on the towel until until it dries completely. If necessary, the cap can be reversed over time.