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How to remove stains on the trousers iron

If you encounter such a nuisance as burnt by the iron on the trousers, do not rush to throw out stained thing and go for a new purchase. With some proven popular ways many housewives do a good job with such pollution. Unfortunately, some things are out of delicate materials you will not be able to upgrade, but it is hoped to clear the product from the rack painted canvases dense structure.

How to remove stains on the trousers iron

You will need:

- kefir or yogurt; - The pelvis; - Fresh juice onions; - cold water; - hydrogen peroxide; - salt; - lemon juice; - Vinegar; - laundry soap; - Gauze or cotton cloth; iron or a garment steamer.

Instruction on how to remove stains on the trousers iron

Step 1:

Proceed to eliminate spots from iron on the trousers, as soon as there was burnt. If the cleaning procedure postpone, eliminate pollution will be much harder. Approved national way, copes with this problem - it is used as a cleaning agent of fermented milk products such as yogurt or yogurt. Pour any of these drinks in a large container to wash and soak in it stained spot on the trousers. Give the product "pokvasitsya" in this liquid for an hour or two, after which the thing must be thoroughly rinsed in cold water.

Step 2:

Use fresh onion juice - it also helps to remove the markings from the iron. You can squeeze it into a juicer, make a paste of grated onion purified or simply rub traces of iron fresh cut onions. If you manage to cope with the pollution, put the cleaned clothes in a bowl and fill it with cold water. Several times change the water, then rinse pants.

Step 3:

Try to bleach in the sun thing. Pre rub a trace of iron with a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide (pharmacy liquid or aqueous solution gidroperita tablets) and liquid ammonia (1: 1). Instead, the mixture is often used as table salt dissolved in fresh lemon juice. Of course, the described method is suitable only for the purification of white fabric.

Step 4:

Finally, to deal with markings from an iron on the fabric, you can take the vinegar. They Acidify the water and moisten the resulting solution was thin cotton cloth or gauze otrez. Through this lining pants should be to iron or steam the (iron or a special hand-steamer). If you are not sure of the stability of the color-stained articles, instead of vinegar, use a thick solution of soap.