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How to remove the gloss from the iron

It happens that on the clothing appears shine as a result of incorrectly chosen method of ironing. Fabric shines because of temperature damage to its upper layers. There are many ways to remove the gloss from the iron.

How to remove the gloss from the iron

You will need:

- vinegar, - soap, - gauze, - Newspaper - Iron

Instruction how to remove the gloss from the iron

Step 1:

The use of water and vinegar. The pelvis is necessary to pour warm water. It then dissolve a small amount of vinegar. The resulting solution soak thing. Leave it there for a while. After that, no rinsing clothes, gently squeeze it and dry. If the tissue has been damaged is not strong, then after such a procedure will shine from the iron imperceptible.

Step 2:

The use of soap and gauze. It is used if significant damage clothing. Soak in water, a small piece of gauze. Then lather it. Excess water and soap must be removed. To do this, squeeze the cheesecloth. Then iron the tainted product carefully through it. If after this shine disappears completely, then soak a gauze is not only water, but vinegar. Then repeat the procedure.

Step 3:

The use of pumice. Take the usual pumice. Carefully, so as not to damage the tissue, but at the same time to thoroughly clean clothes place it shiny. Glitter completely fail to clean this way. However, the favorite things you will be able to return a decent view.

Step 4:

Experienced mistress sometimes cope with this problem by means of ironing sleek through the newspaper articles. But keep in mind that it should be done very carefully. Otherwise, things may remain traces of ink.