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How to remove the smell of boots

Human Foot allocate a very large number of sweat. Scientists have found that the foot is located approximately 240 thousand sweat glands. That pot is a source of odor, the accumulation and decomposition in the shoe.

How to remove the smell of boots

Instruction how to remove the smell of boots

Step 1:

The first step is to observe good personal hygiene. In addition, properly care for shoes! If you notice that your feet sweat a lot, then use special talc. It is also recommended to avoid synthetic socks, and wear light cotton. Shoes should be a quality of genuine leather. If possible, purchase several pairs. In this case, you will be able to change, by any chance one of them will be wet. In the hot season wearing an open, well-ventilated shoes. Houses need to wear backless slippers, and preferably with an open face. Let your feet breathe as much as possible.

Step 2:

Once a day, do to stop the special trays. For these purposes, perfectly broth sage, oak bark, fruits, horsetail or rosehip, sea salt. Such procedures will not only help to reduce sweating, but also get rid of harmful bacteria.

Step 3:

If all of the above precautions do not help, then wash and dry the boots. Take a little soda and pour it on the night in the shoes. Morning shake soda from the boot. The smell should disappear. If one treatment was not enough, then swipe it again. Then wipe with a cotton swab inside the shoes, pre-soaked in hydrogen peroxide. Instead, you can use potassium permanganate peroxide or ammonia. Dry the boots.

Step 4:

Purchase from a retailer means to facilitate elimination of the shoe body odor. You can also use special means: deodorant, foot cream, which reduces perspiration and neutralizes odor.