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How to return a mink coat in the store

Suppose you bought a fur coat of mink, and its quality does not conform to your idea of ​​a real fur products when a thorough examination of the house. What to do in such a situation? For mink coat - very expensive.

How to return a mink coat in the store

Instruction how to get a mink coat in the store

Step 1:

Buy only coat in a store that provides the opportunity for 2 weeks (at least according to the current "Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights") to return the purchase. These coats generally have the necessary quality certificates and long warranty.

Step 2:

Unless it was still 2 weeks from the date of purchase, go to the store, show your receipt and ask to exchange the product. On product labels must be preserved, seals, labels, confirming that the coat was bought in this store or salon. It is worth noting that the goods bought on sale at a discount, the same shall be returned and exchanged. Exception (not available in all stores) and make up products, discounted due to product defects.

Step 3:

If other coats that you must provide for the exchange dealer, you do not fit in size or a style, execute the claim, enclosing a check. The seller can offer you and restoration of coats in the studio, under warranty. If this option does not suit you, too, and then Make a claim and, together with a check give the seller, that he returned the money to you. Samples preparation of claims must be in any store. If the seller refuses to return the money, appraised to determine the origin of defects. Pay attention to the fact that the store can hold, and his check, but according to the law, you are required to take part in it.

Step 4:

The examination must be carried out at the expense of the seller. Therefore, if the store refused to pay for its implementation, please refer to the experts themselves and take from him a bill for services rendered. If the defect is found on the coat of production (and not arising out of the operation), the seller must reimburse you the cost of expert services.

Step 5:

If the seller refuses to accept the expert opinion that coats the defect has arisen as a result of manufacturing defects, please contact the court at the place of residence. Make a claim, attach a statement of the results of the examination. The court may propose to hold, and another, the control examination, the costs of which, in case of winning the case in court, the seller is obliged to compensate you. Consult a good lawyer for advice on the case. Expenses for consultation in case of a positive decision of the court you must also reimburse the store.