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How to return the black dress

Clothing black requires special care for several reasons. Firstly, it quickly loses its original brightness of the colors when washing clothes and other colors when worn. Secondly, on it are clearly seen even minor contamination. Thirdly, on black too visible dust particles, dandruff, and lint. Due to all these factors, the black things often blurred, and accordingly, will fade. But there are ways to counter it.

How to return the black dress

Instruction how to get black clothes

Step 1:

Fill a bowl with cold water. Add to two tablespoons of vinegar. Then, soak the black clothes in the resulting solution. After fifteen - twenty minutes, remove it from the water and squeeze. After that you need to wash the thing in a familiar way. Rinse with water to be dissolved therein vinegar (proportions are stored).

Step 2:

Pour boiling water into a basin and add the natural black coffee. The solution is supposed to be very strong. Lower faded black clothes in it. Remove item from the coffee solution to about twenty - thirty minutes. Then prostirnite clothes conventional manner.

Step 3:

Clean the item from all sorts of impurities, wash and dry. Prepare a solution in a bowl of boiled water and tobacco. The proportion shall be fifteen grams of tobacco per liter of boiled water. Then strain the resulting mixture. Slowly apply the solution onto the clothes brush. Then rinse it in cool water.

Step 4:

Add some black mascara and one or two tablespoons of vinegar in the last rinse.

Step 5:

Pour into a bowl of warm water for the final rinse and dissolve in it a pinch of salt.

Step 6:

Type in a basin of warm water and add a tablespoon of baking soda. This will not only help restore the saturation of colors, but also eliminates the smell of sweat from his clothes.

Step 7:

Take advantage of special dyes for clothes. Use should be after washing, before the final rinse.

Step 8:

Take the thing you want to return to the black (or any other) color to the dry cleaners. There at low cost it will give back the original saturated hue.