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How to select items

Trying to meet the latest trends in fashion, wanting to achieve a certain popularity or success, people pay more attention to their appearance and clothing. Every morning wardrobe becomes a "magic box" from which you want to extract the very thing that will survive the coming day comfortable and in a good mood. Particularly relevant right combination of parts of clothing is for those who have to adhere to strict style, where it is important to combine the convenience and beauty of the requirements for the dress code.

How to select items

Instruction how to select items

Step 1:

The unity of form and content. Selecting the details of the wardrobe, you first have to comply with relevant professions style. As a rule, the lot of many service workers, teachers, government clerks - everyday and business style. Although very important event in the framework of his professional activity is best suited strict English suit or Italian, with an elongated jacket.

Step 2:

Color solution. clothing color best describes your personality. Bright and saturated will talk about your confidence and perseverance, pastel create a modest and elegant image. When choosing colors, remember that it is better not to combine more than three colors at once, otherwise your image will not be uniform.

Step 3:

The main thing to suit sat. When choosing fabric for a suit or business dress, prefer fabric that is not wrinkled. Purchase an item, do not count on the fact that she sit or stretch. The thing is to sit well on your host. In this case, you will feel confident and comfortable.

Step 4:

Shoes, stockings. Optimum heel height 2.5-7.5 cm, shoes have to be leather and closed. Business style does not allow sandals, sandals, and a day - lacquered shoes. Byword business wardrobe are stockings or tights. According to the label they have to be worn at any time of the year. The color should be neutral or personal. An exception may be strict pants. Under them you can wear socks or stockings LYCRA

Step 5:

Gold and silver jewelery, gems. Strict rules of business etiquette allows only wear wedding rings. But if you decide to afford more, the decoration kit should not contain more than two elements. For example, earrings with a bracelet. For daily wear suitable agate, turquoise, garnet, and for the evening you can choose sapphires, emeralds and diamonds. Jewellery from pearls - a spectacular complement a business suit.

Step 6:

Selection of accessories - responsible process, be very careful. Their choice requires a delicate sense of style. If you are not confident in their abilities, it is better not to get carried away with a variety of beads, brooches, pojasochki. Mismatched jewelry may look cheap and vulgar. With business style can be combined leather, metal and wood decoration, provided that they are not bulky. Sometimes, only one bright parts in addition to the gray suit and you will attract eyes of others.

Step 7:

Selecting the details for your "business" of the wardrobe, it is important to be guided by the principle of the golden mean: you do not have to be boring and sulfur, but at the same time is unacceptable pretentiousness, excessive openness and excessive showiness.