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How to sew a Sash

If you are going to sew a carnival costume for yourself or a child, it is possible that you will have to sew the sash. Sash - a wide belt that is present in the national costumes of many nations, and in typical images of different characters. Think, for example, a red sash Cossacks or wide belts for Kimono Japanese.

How to sew a Sash

You will need:

You will need: - stretch fabric; - Centimeter; - Thread; - A pair of scissors; - a piece of chalk; - Line; - A needle or sewing machine.

Instruction how to sew a Sash

Step 1:

Kushakov there is great variety. For example, in the Russian national costume used a scarlet sash, the free ends of which come down on the thigh. In pirate sash can be cut any matter - red, black, or just plain old scarf. Santa Claus sash white or red, can be trimmed with faux fur. Depending on what kind of suit you plan to make, sash you have to sew some. What unites them all of the following - sashes are wide enough and long, and they are designed to maintain the pants, pants or skirts and shirts or dresses odor.

Step 2:

So, to make a sash, first make for yourself a sketch on paper. Select the sketch details that you would like to decorate the belt.

Step 3:

Then take a centimeter and make the necessary measurements: the width of the sash and its length. To determine the width, attach a centimeter perpendicular to the human zone, which you sew the sash. To measure the length - wrap centimeters around the waist twice, and add the extra length on site, and the ends of the sash flowing.

Step 4:

Now you can cut out the fabric. As the sash is sewn simply can not create a paper pattern, but simply transferred to the fabric with the wrong side of the length and width of the data and mark them with chalk. In line carefully draw a line, add seam allowances on 1cm and boldly cut piece.

Step 5:

Fold the resulting rectangle in the middle in length facing inwards. On a typewriter or hand sew the edge of the part, leaving a small gap to turn sash. Once done this, sew a hidden seam gap. Try sash.

Step 6:

If the dimensions were correct, and the appearance of sash you are satisfied, iron its iron well with the processing region.

Step 7:

Complete fringed sash or embroidery, if necessary.