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How to sew a scarf

Solitaire is a national Russian headdress, has long enjoyed great popularity among women. In our days of him not remember many. But playing with flowers and ways of tying scarves, you can create some very interesting images. Experimenting can be any number, because self-stitch scarf is not difficult.

How to sew a scarf

Instruction how to sew a scarf

Step 1:

Pick quality stuff you liked color. For starters, you can use ordinary cotton cloth or flannelette. They are very susceptible.

Step 2:

Prepare the workplace and the necessary tools - tailor meter, pencil, scissors, thread, needles. Also handy sewing machine.

Step 3:

Before you make your own scarf, measure the circumference of your head.

Step 4:

Now, given take your measurements, make a pattern. For example, if the circumference of the head is 55 centimeters, you need to cut out the fabric three parts - two rectangles with a length of 19 cm and 8 cm wide each, and a semi-circle with a rectangular base. The last element sizes are as follows: the base length - 47 cm, width 16 cm base, workpiece height - 34.5 cm.

Step 5:

Now treat all circuits overcasting suture. Sew together two rectangles inside out along the long sides. Then screw on the front side, bend the edge of narrow non-crosslinked inward to a depth of 1 cm and iron it well.

Step 6:

Make two lines along each long side of the previously retreated 1 cm. It will compartments gums. Nedostrachivayte 1 cm to the edges.

Step 7:

Take two long rubber bands at 6.5 cm and insert into compartments. Capturing the first from one side, stitched them. Then pull to the other side with the help of pins, and also make a line. You should get a little prisborennoe detail.

Step 8:

Obstrochite body panel on all sides, making a pre-bending on the inside. You can use the curly line.

Step 9:

Narrow base gusset edge prisborennuyu insert in detail, and then baste, then prostrochite.

Step 10:

The result of the work will be a very interesting original scarf that can be worn on a hike or a walk in nature. Especially well it looks on the children. you will be able to sew a scarf of another form, more elegant and interesting, if desired.