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How to sew a sling-scarf

In recent years, slings have won great popularity among mothers. It is really practical thing, even if you - not a supporter of the permanent use of this attribute with a stroller is not always convenient. There are several types of slings. One of the most popular - Sling-scarf. And not necessarily buy it. Sew a sling-scarf alone in the cellar.

How to sew a sling-scarf

Instruction how to sew a sling-scarf

Step 1:

The most important thing in making the sling - the right choice of fabric. It is better that the fabric is not stretched in length, although it can stretch slightly in width. The material must be sufficiently dense, but - soft. Otherwise, under the weight of the growing baby sling will crash into the mother's shoulders. Best of all cotton fabric - jacquard, calico, fleece, Polartec. For the first test, you can sling it porobovat calico. Firstly - natural tissue, and secondly is cheap. In this sling can learn to handle with this attribute and understand, easy to use whether this sling you and your child. Cotton fabrics tend to sit in the first wash. Therefore kroite tissue after washing, or take a little longer than necessary.

Step 2:

Of course, the fabric must be strong, but not too thick. Sling-scarf must be easily fastened to the node. Many young mothers tied a sling for one or two nodes. Ideal for sling fabric twill weave. Fiber material in this case can be easily moved relative to each other. This fabric is durable and fits well with the body of the child and the mother. So weave different, for example, denim, but if you're staying on them, choose softer. Pay attention to the style and color of the fabric. It must be in harmony with your wardrobe. Just do not buy "child" Fabric with bears and bunny. they will not look at the street.

Step 3:

If your clothing size - to 50go, you will need a piece of fabric width of 70 centimeters and a length of 5 meters. If you are bigger, then take 5.5 meters. You can still use the formula to add to the size zero clothes. Get desired length of the sling-scarf in centimeters. Forms sling-scarf can be different - a rectangle, a parallelogram, a rectangle with rounded edges, "spindle" - A rectangle, tapering toward the tip. Special differences in use there. The edges of the tissue to be treated. You can bend the edge and stitch on the machine. It is sturdy and reliable. You can neaten overlock edge. But in this case, the thread may catch on your clothes, baby shoes buckle, etc. and tear.

Step 4:

Preferably sewing sling single cut from a piece of cloth. Otherwise, the seams will put pressure on the shoulders and on the back of my mother crumbs. If you still sew several pieces - sew seams double stitching. The joints must be very strong. Check their condition from time to time. It depends on the integrity of the sling safety of your baby. You can sew the pocket in the middle, but it is functional only in a cross form a pocket. For other ways of tying it will only interfere.