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How to sew sundress Office

Most of the life we ​​spend on the job. It is quite understandable desire of a woman is the need to look stylish, beautiful and well-groomed not only in the circle of friends, at a party, but in the sphere in which we communicate on a daily basis, conduct business negotiations, discuss the gossip and, in the end, provide a Statement financial stability, so necessary in modern life. Not always in malls among the infinite variety of clothing, we find the right and relevant for the job. However, sew sundress for the office and at home it is quite possible.

How to sew sundress Office

You will need:

- Material for sewing - centimeter tape - scissors - a needle - sewing - sewing machine

Instruction how to sew sundress Office

Step 1:

Decide how long will you choose a style sundress. Note that short sundresses mini-office would be inappropriate. Ideal for office sundress one whose length reaches to the knee or slightly below. Color tissue is desired sustained calm tone, no screaming and iridescent shades. Brilliant, with lots of sequins materials are also best left to sew festive outfits. Lightweight fabrics of chiffon and silk are not suitable for strict office style. Look good mix of white, black and gray. Calm warm or cold soaked pitch is also very beneficial for sundresses in business style. Avoid complex patterns and fanciful decorative prints, they would detract from the work, not only you, but also a team that obviously did not like bosses.

Step 2:

Remove the necessary measurements: length of the product, the volume of the breast and thighs. If you are not a skilled seamstress-skilled worker, follow the advice in sewing magazines, each of which contains a pattern models specified in the announcement. In addition, depending on whether this sundress straps or a circular orifice may have to make additional measurements.

Step 3:

Transfer the finished paper pattern on the fabric, make it subject you made earlier yardsticks. Do not forget to leave allowances for the seams. Use chalk for drawing a pattern on the fabric, then, it can be easily erased, leaving no unpleasant stains on the material.

Step 4:

Gently cut parts cut with scissors and sour finished sketches. Do not rush, otherwise unnecessarily cut off piece can ruin your work and will need to start all over again. Make fitting. If you are satisfied with the work done, proceed to the final stage.

Step 5:

Stitch on the sewing machine all the seams, also processed and allowances. Gently iron the sundress inside out, paying more attention to the seams. Your office is ready sundress.