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How to sew warm sundress

In autumn and winter, I want to wrap yourself in something warm and pleasant, with the look perfect and stylish. Girls in these seasons are choosing jeans and sweaters, arguing that in this and warm, and comfortable. Feminine outfits have to be bored in the wardrobe, but it's not fair. After all, a dress or a sundress can also warm in the winter cold and uplift. To combine clothes and play with, try to sew warm sundress.

How to sew warm sundress

You will need:

- sewing machine; - the cloth; - Tape measure, ruler, thread, scissors, needles; - Crayons, pins; - elastic; - Large decorative buttons; - Brooch.

Instruction how to sew warm sundress

Step 1:

Get into a warm shop beautiful fabric. For example: polar fleece, boucle, knit fabric, woolen fabric, velvet, tweed, fabrics for suits with a high content of polyacrylic, chenille fabrics like plush faux fur and delicate. For the decoration will need large decorative buttons. Zip up they do not have, so feel free to take what attracted attention. Of course, the buttons must accompany the chosen fabric, be in tune, or to show off a twist - it depends on your mood. It looks beautiful round wood and plastic coated with metal ornaments.

Step 2:

Remove yourself from the measurements. You need the volume of the chest, hips and length of the product. Now lay the fabric on a flat surface and, using a ruler, crayons and scissors, begin to cut. If you run the breast volume and hips small (5-8 centimeters difference is not important), then tailor a rectangle. The width is equal to the volume of the thighs, plus 20 centimeters. The length of the leave is equal to the meter.

Step 3:

A distinctive feature sundress - podbort-snag. the impression must arise that the model fastens with buttons in place of the flap, when in fact it is not. Fold the side edge on the front side 5 centimeters and sour manually. Now apply podbort-hornblende over the second side seam, and stitched on the machine in the place of your shrewdness. Note that single cut sundress, the only seam - front hems. The resulting lateral cut oboverlochte or use the hem on the machine.

Step 4:

The upper part sundress treat and defer to 1 cm from the edge so that the inside can be inserted gum. Try on a product sundress must be placed on top of the chest, and hold tight by rubber bands. Note the pin or small dots under the breast tissue Toe need is gathered here. Get the effect of baby dollars attire, a loose fit on the chest.

Step 5:

Focusing on the label on the reverse side stitched gum on the line under the breast, gently stretching it during the seam. Another try on again. Measuring tape, measure the required length for the straps.

Step 6:

Residues fabric tailor two strips about 8 centimeters in width and up to 35-40. Stitch the side seam and remove the cloth on your face. Hands baste a sundress straps, wear outfit and make sure that everything is sitting properly. Now fasten the straps.

Step 7:

Before you handle the lower edge of the sundress, stand on his heels near the mirror and mark the desired length of your finished product. Fold the fabric 0.5 cm and prostrochite.

Step 8:

Dress can be and need to decorate. There handy bought buttons and a brooch. On the lapel-blende sew buttons 2-3. If one of the straps to make a longer than normal and release the rest of the back, then you can decorate decor. The front straps secure small shiny brooch.