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How to sew women's pajamas

Pyjamas is a type of clothing created for sleeping. It is there that a woman will be able to rest comfortably, and slept in fully recharge the necessary energy for a new day. In addition, more and more women are using pajamas as casual home clothes. Before you start to sew pajamas, decide with its functionality.

How to sew women's pajamas

You will need:

- cotton fabric; - Decorative edge; - Elastic band (rubber band); - Buttons.

Instruction how to sew women's pajamas

Step 1:

Download the pattern pajamas liked the style from the Internet or copy from a magazine for sewing and needlework. To choose the right template, you must specify its size in the attached table. For this measure by means of tape volume of the breast and hip girth. Copy the pattern suitable for paper and cut out all the elements of the contour.

Step 2:

Take poplin or cotton cloth and other cutting blouses for two shelves, two podborta pocket, back, and the two parts of the collar, cuffs and facings back neckline. Trouser fabricate patterns of two front and rear halves.

Step 3:

Sew pajamas blouse. To get started, follow the side and shoulder seams. Connect with podborta piping neck. Allowance lower cut and tuck, priutyuzhiv, scribbled. Along the outside of the lower cut-off collar baste decorative edging. Note that its thicker portion must lie on the collar.

Step 4:

In line stitch collar arc set aside allowances on the ends of the rim. Elements of the collar fold right sides together and sew along the outer sections. Cut seam allowances close to the line. Then, remove the collar and priutyuzhte. Tack in the open sections of the collar at the neck.

Step 5:

Baste decorative edging along the sides of the edge. It ends at the lower edge of the arc to apply allowances. Piping and back neck podborta Pin to the blouse. Stitched lapels along sections, sides and neck.

Step 6:

Remove podborta forward, then iron the allowances at the short sides. Then unscrew podborta inside out and sew to hem. Tuck and pin inner piping cut back neckline. Defer the edge of the collar and lapels close to the edge.

Step 7:

Sew the pocket to the left ledge. For this Pin decorative edge to the lower edge strap pocket. Stitch it along the seam line. Sew the bar along the entrance to the pocket with its seamy side. Loosen the bar on the front side, Stitch the bottom edge closer to the edge. At the bottom and side edges of the pocket then iron the allowances to the wrong side. Sew a pocket on the shelf.

Step 8:

Pin a decorative edge to the upper edge of each cuff. Stitch it along the seam line. Sew cuffs to lower edges of sleeves to wrong side. Undoing the cuffs on the face, Sew their upper edges close to the edges.

Step 9:

Run the seams on the sleeves. Tuck diagonally and sew the ends of the lower margins of the joints. Sew sleeves. Neaten hinges on the right shelf.

Step 10:

Sew pants. Sew the side sections. Sew to the lower edge of trouser cuffs. Do this in the same way as in the case with a blouse. Stitch stepping sections. Tuck diagonally and sew the lower end of the allowances.

Step 11:

Put one trouser halves to the other front side. Perform a single line of the front and rear seams of medium. Behind leave the upper edge of allowance open. It is necessary for threading elastic bands.

Step 12:

For Drawstring back off the underside of the one-piece piping upper edge of pants, tuck and topstitch. Pin elastic lace fringe below the top edge of the trousers. It ends Stitch. Topstitch close to the edge of the rim. Pass in Drawstring elastic and sew the ends.