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How to shorten the watch strap

Often, received as a gift a watch or buying them without trying, for example, the online store, you are upset because of the fact that the metal strap a bit too big. If they are expensive, it is better to go to the authorized service center. In other cases it is possible to cope with the problem on their own. In fact, remove a few links on the bracelet is a snap, but in this business you have to be careful.

How to shorten the watch strap

You will need:

- awl or a sewing needle (you can try, and a toothpick); - Pliers.

Instruction how to shorten the watch strap

Step 1:

First you need to choose a well-lit work place, it is better if it will be under a lamp or by a window. Be sure to release the working surface of the unneeded stuff. This is to ensure that small watch parts are not lost.

Step 2:

Metal bracelets are mainly composed of several units with which they are well fit a hand. Usually, in order to shorten the watch strap a little, you just need to get rid of a few divisions. We must remember that if you shorten the bracelet by more than one unit, it is necessary to remove them on each side in the same amount. Otherwise, the clock will be uncomfortable to sit on the arm. It will also be apparent that the number of different divisions. It is better to start first remove those smaller, so you do not shorten the strap too much. Remember that lengthen the bracelet is much more difficult.

Step 3:

Put the bracelet and gently, without applying a large force (otherwise you may damage the clamps), insert an awl or a needle into a small hole, which is on each division of the strap. Slowly squeeze the small metal skewers that hold this design. In order to understand in which direction you need to squeeze them, you should see the arrow on the inside of your watch. When the seem of the skewers, hold it carefully with pliers and pull out completely. Remove the required number of units, ranging from those that are closer to the body clock.

Step 4:

Now you need to collect the bracelet back. To do this with the help of skewers you connect the desired links. If there is a need for a small adjustment, do it. Clasp there are a few holes, they also are the pins. They can also be adjusted, observing extreme caution.

Step 5:

Removing links, try to save them. Maybe after a while you will become a little strap, in this case you have to return the division to place.