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How to soften suede

Suede clothing is very inconvenient property - over time it gets tough. Of course, that spoils its vernal view. To our benefit, there are ways to soften suede and give it the appearance if not the original, it is quite attractive.

How to soften suede

Instruction how to soften suede

Step 1:

The first thing a good rasparte suede. Do not forget that it should not get wet. For steaming, you can hold a piece of clothing over boiling water. There is another option - tightly close the bathroom door, turn on a hot shower and some time to be in a good time komnaty.Cherez dry suede and start again to steam. Thus the need to do several times, about five or six. Soon to be seen that you were able to soften a little suede.

Step 2:

Break in suede, if possible. Then you should once again repeat the previous cycle steaming and drying. If you are trying to soften the material of shoes, after the impact of wet steam natolkayte there as much as possible crumpled newspapers. This will ensure that when dry suede not cringe.

Step 3:

Clean suede vinegar solution. It is prepared as follows: one teaspoon of vinegar diluted per liter of water. Solution can also be used with ammonia. But he has a very pungent odor.

Step 4:

If after all the done you are unable to soften suede as it would like, try one yet another effective method. Wipe the surface with a solution of glycerine. For its production of about half a teaspoon of dilute one liter of water. Suede will be noticeably softer.

Step 5:

Now dry the clothing or accessory, and then treated with a special water-repellent composition, intended for suede. They can be purchased at hardware stores or haberdashery.

Step 6:

Of course, not be able to give a suede original appearance, which she had with the purchase. But clothes will get quite a decent view and is suitable for everyday wear. Just try to avoid getting wet, otherwise the material again cringe.