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How to stretch the leather jacket

Nowadays, leather goods - a common phenomenon. Almost every second person is a leather jacket or a sheepskin coat, whether talking about leather shoes. But in life there are times when things need to stretch leather.

How to stretch the leather jacket

Instruction how to stretch a leather jacket

Step 1:

First, decide how much you need to stretch it: a little bit, or a couple of sizes. Secondly, just learn from what skin you have a jacket, because of the artificial skin products can not stand some of the ways of stretching. The third note of a sewn leather jacket: light or dark. Stretch leather jacket in several ways. Use the one that best suits your situation.

Step 2:

Buy some means for stretching leather shoes. Thoroughly spray it on the outside of the jacket in the places where it is necessary to stretch. If the product is unlined, and do the same on the inside. Put it on yourself and fasten (if possible).

Step 3:

If the jacket is not fastened on you, get the person on which it zastegnetsya and will sit tight. The jacket, treated with special means to stretch, walk a couple of hours. If it is stretched enough, repeat the procedure again

Step 4:

In the absence of a means for stretching the skin use the means at hand, for example, liquid soap. Make a solution of soap (soap should be colorless), taking soap and warm water (50 ° C) in a ratio of 1: 4, and spray it abundantly on the outside of the jacket. Let the water soak into the skin, then slide it and diarrhea a couple of hours.