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How to stroke men's trousers

Men who prefer the classic business style in clothes, useful advice on a little secret Ironing trousers. Just learning how to properly care for your wardrobe, you can extend the life of expensive items.

How to stroke men's trousers

Instruction how to stroke men's trousers

Step 1:

Before ironing, you must read the label fabric composition. Look closely at the soleplate, it must be clean, otherwise may remain stains on his trousers. Read the instructions and set the desired temperature.

Step 2:

To skillfully stroking men's trousers, need some skills. It is necessary to begin to stroke belt and the top of the pants. Take a damp white cotton cloth, but better - gauze, and otutyuzhte above the pants. Then iron the pockets without using a damp cloth. Inside pockets should put the paper that was not print on the front side of pants.

Step 3:

To iron men's trousers more comfortable on the ironing board. It should be expanded to its full length pants and fold one half. Stepper seam must be the same side. This is done so that the arrows were symmetrical, and not "looking" in different directions. With wet gauze otutyuzhte pants on the outside. Use a damp cloth or gauze will make it possible to avoid the light on the dark cloth and a yellow hue on light trousers.

Step 4:

Not always ironing process is successful. Sometimes it turns out that the fabric is overdried. Take advice ironed cloth moistened with vinegar and water, the places where visible sheen. This advice is suitable for dark-colored fabrics. Regarding light fabrics, formed when tan, should dampen the cloth with a solution of hydrogen peroxide (2%), and then put into the light pants and leave it there for some time. The next step is to rinse in cold water pants.

Step 5:

There is another method - rub a piece of singed portions cut onions and wash these areas with detergent. If the tissue from which the sewn trousers, silk or wool, tan can be processed using baking soda mixed with water. Let dry pants, then you can by clearing them with a brush, rinse in cold water. Be careful with colored fabrics, there is a risk of discoloration of the treated areas pants.