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How to take measurements on the skirt

Every woman aspires to be unique, choosing his clothes. But, unfortunately, the fashion industry is engaged in mass production of things, which does not allow to show their individuality in style. That is why sewing popular today as ever.

How to take measurements on the skirt

Instruction on how to take your measurements skirt

Step 1:

The most popular thing in women - this skirt, which can be of different styles, from tight mini-skirt to the lush, long to toe. Now on sale a lot of different magazines with ready-made patterns and detailed instructions. This option is ideal for those who do not have sufficient experience in sewing, to design their own patterns. In this case, you will need to do quite a bit of measurements to choose the appropriate size of the skirt.

Step 2:

First of all, it should be noted that all the measurements are not necessary to do over clothes and underwear be. Independently measure yourself is very difficult, so it is best to ask someone for help. For the measurements you need to tape and tape measure or two of tape (if any).

Step 3:

First, measure the waist circumference. A very important condition: you should not try at this point to pull the stomach - you need to be relaxed, in their natural state. Otherwise, you can remove the wrong yardstick and to be mistaken with the size. When measuring the waist circumference tape measure will have to pass horizontally around the body at the level of the natural waist line. If you have even one centimeter tape, the first lock at the waist - if not, grasp the waist tape in the same way and secure. This need for further measurements.

Step 4:

To measure the circumference of the hips tape measure should be held horizontally across the most prominent point of the buttocks. You do not need much to pull tape.

Step 5:

Skirt length is always measured from the front. To do this, attach the end of tape to the waist, using a dedicated tape, and make measurements of the desired length. Typically, the length of the skirt contains the journals in the finished form. Measure the length specified on yourself and see if it will suit vas.Opredelites, if you want to shorten or lengthen the skirt and write down how many centimeters you want to change the length. Subsequently, the need to adjust the lower part of the skirt panels on the pattern paper.

Step 6:

If the data coincide with table sizes in the log, then you're in luck. There are times when waist circumference corresponds to one size and girth of the hips - to another. In this case it is necessary to adjust the pattern.