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How to tie a beautiful hijab

Hijab in Arabic means covering. In the modern world it called a hijab scarf that covers the head of the Muslim woman. There are many ways of tying hijab, each option at its transforms the person.

How to tie a beautiful hijab

method №1 

Take an ordinary square scarf, throw with it on the head so that one of its edge held by the hairline on the forehead, the opposite - freely hanging on the back. Pick up the two corners of the handkerchief, which are closest to the face and gently with a brooch or pin them to kill it under the chin. One of the free ends of the shawl wrap two or three times around the neck and soft nodes associate it with the left end of the scarf.

method №2

Take the square, rectangular scarf, throw with his short side of the head. Pick up the ends of the handkerchief, which are located close to the face, under the chin and tie two soft node. Remaining free cloth first perekin'te over his shoulder to his chest, and then wrap it around the head so many times, how much is enough length shawl. The remaining end of the handkerchief fix the pin at the neck.

№3 method

Take a silk scarf, wrap one half of its top of the head, covering the forehead and back of the head, and then gently tie behind the neck with two knots. The second half of the scarf, wrap your head from the chin to the crown to the chin and again until the end of scarf. Secure the end of the pin headdress either on top or on the neck. To veil kept at the head and not subsided, it is necessary to fix small bulavochkami at ear level.

Beautifully tie a headscarf - is not easy, so all wishing to master the art of data is necessary as much as possible to experiment with ways of tying it and change the coloring, the shape and texture of headscarves during such experiments.