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How to tie a pareo

Shawl large size, which is wrapped around the body and are mostly on the beach, called pareo. The fabric is usually chosen a bright, textured, with an expressive pattern. Tie a pareo around the hips can, chest, throw on the shoulders, fasten the waist.

How to tie a pareo

Instruction how to tie a pareo

Step 1:

Tie a scarf over his chest. It is the most common way of tying pareos - the fabric folded in half or so that the width is equal to the desired length shawl wraps. The node is fixed in the front, above the breast. If the ends of the shawl get long, they can twist and throw on the neck, tied in a knot at the nape.

Step 2:

large size pareo wrap around your chest, tie one free end and a piece of fabric, suitable in length, while the other end of the handkerchief will remain free. Throw it on the back stretch on the back and attach the front unit.

Step 3:

Make the top of the pareo. Take the two ends of the scarf over, tie them around your neck. The lower ends of pull on the waist and tie in the lower back - to get the original top with an open back. Twist the pair in the small roller, fold up their breasts and tie a knot behind. The second option of fixing such a model - do bottom node under the breast, and both ends are thrown over his shoulder, tying the top. Bustier from pareo can replace the top part of a bathing suit on the beach - fold the scarf in half so that the opposite fold got two triangle ends tighten and tie the knot at the back. The remaining flaps let down on the shoulders and attach the edges of the triangles.

Step 4:

Sarongs and trousers. The easiest way to make a harem of two identical shawls - one you fastened on the hips, and the lower ends of the fix at the ankle of one leg. The second scarf tie up over the first and fix in the same manner.

Step 5:

Make of pareo pants resembling garment Aboriginal Only brave girls - very funny they look. It is necessary to tie the pareo on the waist, the lower ends of the stick between the legs and fasten the front of the unit. The remaining tissue again passed between the legs and fastened in the back at the waist.

Step 6:

Sarong swimsuit. From a square piece of fabric get perfect swimsuit - option for eksrennyh cases. Tie the two ends around your neck, skip the fabric between her legs and covering her buttocks, tighten the loose ends in the front waist.

Step 7:

Reverse option - pareo is mounted on the front chest, passed through the ends of the legs and commit to the waist. Do not forget to make a beautiful knots - straighten the fabric hand and give them shape.