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How to Tie a plastron

Plastron - a precursor of the tie. He has another name - Ascot. Earlier, he met a jockey and exclusively in white. Plastron is perfect for social events, as related to the avant-garde type of accessories.

How to Tie a plastron

Instruction how to tie plastron

Step 1:

Strict dress and a set of accessories will make out of the ordinary men of the London dandy. Neck men's handkerchief, again entered the fashion, will give grace and elegance to your image. Plastron - it is a kind of cravat, which covers most of the male breast. Mid it typically several times narrower than the ends. At the present time, they are most often worn with wedding costumes. There are several ways of tying plastron.

Step 2:

Wrap around your neck plastron. Moreover, the long end is on the right, and the narrow end - left. Then, through the loop, which is at the end of a narrow half shawl, pull the wide part. After that wrap around the neck plastron again. Then return it to forward and straighten the top. Carefully tuck the ends under a jacket, to give your image a finished look. You can also stab plastron special brooches and pins, so it is better to stay in during the day.

Step 3:

If your plastron at one end there is no loop, then use the next option. Wrap the scarf around your neck so that the ends hanging down his front. Then tie a regular knot. Then, raise the upper end, and then tie it to the bottom so that you have turned the volume unit. Then carefully flatten assembly, it should look elegant. Next crisscross the ends, and kill them with a special pin. Usually at the end of data pins is bead. Blindfolded so plastron well kept during the day, even during the wedding dance is unlikely to unleash a handkerchief.