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How to tie a scarf or shawl on the neck in various ways

With the onset of cold people begin to be warmed outerwear, and to look at this effectively, you can tie a scarf or shawl on the neck in various ways. There are many varieties of setting these accessories for women and for men.

How to tie a scarf or shawl on the neck in various ways

Methods of tying scarves and shawls around his neck for women

Try to tie a scarf or shawl on the neck in the form of roses. Take the average length of the accessory first and tie a simple knot, and its free ends fold in the not too tight tourniquet. Fold plait "snail", so that the overall construction began to resemble a rose. Grab the fold of the ends of the scarf or shawl and pass through the center of the design.

how to tie a scarf rosettes

There is also a "business-like" way of tying a scarf or handkerchief around his neck, combining elegance with classic style and a little reminiscent of man's tie. Fold shawl or scarf in the form of narrow strips and throw with your neck. The right end of the wrap around the left. Create an angle at the base, reaching the right end through him, then align the entire structure

how to tie a scarf tie

Another elegant and stylish at the same embodiment of the method described above presupposes the existence of asymmetry and is more suitable for a patterned scarf. Wrap it around your neck, moving forward ends. Tie a knot volume, moving it to the side and tied on top of it to give extra volume. Align and straighten handkerchief tucked the ends sticking out of the unit.

You can tie a beautiful neck scarf square shape. Fold it in half, received a triangle. Ober around the neck, moving forward large angle and straighten the ends and at the back. These tips tie into a neat knot and perekin'te forward. Tie them again, but this time at the front. You can tie a bow and a small neat bundle according to the chosen style of clothing.

If you do not want to wrap and want to tie a scarf or shawl as quickly and simply, but nicely, try to wrap it around your neck and let the ends or hang out, or tuck them inside the accessory. The most important thing here - to wind the scarf so that it looked beautiful as possible, and all you are satisfied.

Methods of tying scarves around the neck for men

Men can also tie a scarf around his neck in many ways and thus create a bright and unique style of dress. You can start with the so-called "Paris" unit, which is suitable for coats and down jackets with high collar, as well as some other types of clothing. Take the scarf and fold in half, perekin'te through the neck. His two free rings Push through a loop and gently pull up, making sure that the scarf is not too pulls the neck. Trim and fold design, making it nice and neat.

how to tie a scarf man

There is one fairly simple way to tie a scarf around the neck for men. We need to throw a scarf around his neck, aligning the ends. On one of its sides tie a simple knot, and then pass it through the opposite end of the scarf. Line construction in front of the mirror. Please note that the rear of the scarf should be as hidden behind the collar coat or down jacket.